Which Skype gateway is suitable for enterprise? SkyGW4C-S or SkyGWO?

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    Which enterprise Skype gateway is suitable for you? SkyGW4C-S or SkyGWO?

    Key Features

    In the internet ubiquitous age, calling should be almost free. Among all soft phones, Skype should be the first choice for enterprise. Regintech provides FXS and FXO PCI-E card solutions for Skype gateway and both cards can be easily built in desktop PC. They are the highest C/P ratio Skype gateway products in the market now. Some enterprises with international offices had adopted these solutions for a few years. With either solution installation, employees just pick up office desk phones to make or receive Skype calls. Employees out of office, customers and suppliers can call your office via free Skype call to save internationalmobile or even mobile roaming fee. Enterprise’s customer service calls can be replaced with low cost SkypeIn service or free Skype account when our Skype gateway device is installed. Company doesn’t need employees to install Skype in personal PC to increase company confidential document leak concern or add MIS burden. Using such Skype gateway with dedicated internet bandwidth. Skype call quality can be much better compared with the Skype call quality using office PC or mobile phone.

    FXS gateway SkyGW4C-S can be connected to office PBX trunk lines or regular phones. FXO gateway SkyGWO can be connected to office PBX analog extension lines or telecom carrier lines. For office without PBX or with limited PBX trunk lines, FXO gateway is a good option. Both solutions have DID, DOD, call control, web management features in addition to basic gateway functions. Integrating DID function with Skype button in company web site or SkypeIn service can serve as better 800 customer service calls. DOD function is convenient and cost saving for remote office communication. FXO model can also be applied like Skype To Go service with more flexibility. Employees out of office can call back office specific extension and make out Skype or SkypeOut calls. It can add employee's working mobility and save cost. Skype MVPN can be achieved with employee’s smartphones.

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    Small Order Recommendation

    SkyGW4C-S Skype gateway application for PBX or phone
    USD 350.00-500.00
    USD 450.00-550.00
    SkyATA - Worldwide smallest FXS USB Dongle for Skype/VoIP
    USD 27.00-30.00
    USD 27.00-30.00
    LineATA - LINE gateway for PBX or Phone
    USD 80.00-80.00