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  • Model No.:SkyATA, M-office
  • Made in:Taiwan
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Key Features

Regintech supports USB FXS/FXO SDK

Regintech’s SkyATA - USB FXS dongle has been in the market for Skype application for over 10 years. It is available now in e-bay as linkhttp://www.ebay.com/itm/REGINTECH-SkyATA-Skype-Phone-Bill-Saving-Phone-Recording-Home-Monitoring-MIT-R-/151970606715?hash=item2362276e7b

This device is developed based on our own USB audio controller FUP1. It has a dedicated PCM interface for SLIC  or DAA chip for FXS or FXO application. We also have USB FXO dongle solution M-office at the same PCB size as SkyATA.

Our USB controller IC FUP1 can support standard USB audio device driver, so our FXS/FXO devices can be recognized and installed with USB audio driver in Windows or Linux platforms. We can provide firmware file like dll in Windows for developers to come out any VoIP solutions.   

If you are interested on USB FXS/ FXO application, you can contact with us for the design SDK. Or we can help on the software development. For SDK or software development project, please contact Mr. Henry Chou throughhenry@regintech.com.tw. Thanks.