Skype gateway, M-office - Free landline to Skype call forward box

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Best Landline & mobile Skype call forward box

Key Features

1. Perfectly integrate landline, Skype and mobile phone calls

2. Support personal Forward mode and office PBX mode 

3. Under Forward mode, incoming landline calls (or PBX analog extension calls) will be forwarded to either assigned mobile phone Skype for free or assigned mobile phone via SkypeOut™. M-office could be a good replacement of SkypeIn service and very useful for areas without SkypeIn™ service

4. With M-office connecting with mobile employee’s office extension line, colleagues just call the employee’s extension number to save expensive mobile phone fee and make communication easy. 

5. After M-office is connecting with PBX analog extension line, employees can dial the extension and make any Skype or SkypeOut calls (Support Skype 8 soon)     

6. Assigned incoming Skype calls can be forwarded to any landline call(Avoid callee’s reluctance to take your SkypeOut calls with an unfamiliar caller ID) with password protection (Support Skype 8 soon)

7. Incoming landline calls can be forwarded to any Skype/SkypeOut call with password protection (Support  Skype 8 soon)  

8. Under PBX mode, extension table and customized IVRs are supported for basic PBX application. Employees can pick up office incoming calls via own mobile phones

9. Audio recovery button resolves Skype call party’s problem to hear each other

10. Support Skype speed dial and speed dial list can be exported for back up and imported for use

11. Support M-office software online upgrade and latest software version check/ download

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  • Payment Terms:PayPal
  • Minimum Order:2 Piece(s)

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