ReginTech best Skype video conference box

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    ReginTech best Skype video conference box


    • USB 1.1, one FXS, one FXO :Computer accessory

    Key Features

    ReginTech best Skype video conference box can save travelling and increase employee efficiency. It has been a must-to-have equipment for enterprises to greatly enhance Skype audio experience. Not only does it perfectly combine Skype’s video/audio conference service, but also connects with office existing analog conference system.
    1. Support online software upgrade
    2. Support software latest version check & download
    3. Support IM mode for other softphones, such as Google voice, and hangouts.
    4. Enhance voice quality while using softphones as USB audio devices in a  conference
    5. Flexible conference room management
    6. Support one carrier landline phone for Skype conference
    7. Only conference room member can dial in during a conference
    8. Conference host can easily redial the incidentally dropped contacts
    9. Add more contacts into one on-going meeting
    10. Flexible selection of conference room members for a conference
    11. Direct office extension call via Skype or SkypeOut for conference members
    12. Support Skype audio recording
    13. Support Skype file transfer and screen sharing. Suitable for business meeting or project collaboration.
    14. Transfer files to meeting participants before a meeting
    15. Support Skype speed dial and import for back up & import for use
    16. Conference room phone number can serve as a Skype speed dial for an audio conference
    17. Support speed dial 999 for Skype free audio testing call
    18. Connect to analog phone or PBX trunk line as Skype gateway application