Regin Tech Skype gateway which enhances sound quality serving as conference adapters

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SkyBox S1
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    Simple user interface which people make convenient calls


    • standard USB 1.1 interface :Size:95mm*66mm*22mm, standard USB 1.1 interface once insert can use

    Key Features

          After SkyBox S1 is integrated with office PBX, employees out of office or abroad can call back office via mobile phone Skype to save money. SkyBox S1 supports Skype or landline interrupt call. SkyBox S1 has a simple and user friendly design to help you keep your calling habit for SkypeOut calls. The built-in speed dial allows you to call frequent numbers. 

    1.Customers can make a local call or a Skype call just in their office and at home rather than be confined to the computers.

    2.Greatly save the telephone fee.

    3.Customers can make a free call to the firm when being abroad.

    4.With a simple user interface, customers are allowed to make a Skype call as convenient as make a phone call.

    5.Enhance conference sound quality.

    6.SkyBox S1 supports audio devices of other instant messaging.


    • SkyBox S1 introduction