Regin Tech compact USB VOIP adapter of analog phone

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    Skype Phone_bill_saving Box in the era of 4G


    • standard USB 1.1 interface :Size:81mm*37mm*19mm, standard USB 1.1 interface once insert can use

    Key Features

         SkyATA is a compact FXS analog telephone adapter for Skype application. After connecting SkyATA with analog or cordless phone, you can make or receive Skype calls via phone. Integrating SkyATA with office PBX, employees can make or receive Skype calls via their desk phones. With Skype callout programs like worldwide go or SkypeOut credits, companies can save a lot on phone bill. When employees travel abroad, they can call back office via mobile phone Skype for free and save expensive international roaming fee.
    1.With a simple user interface, customers are allowed to make a Skype call as         convenient as make a phone call.

    2.Enhance conference sound quality.

    3.SkyATA supports audio devices of other instant messaging.

    4.Staff does not have to be confined to the computers when using Skype.

    5.Staff does not have to install Skype in their computers.

    6.Staff or family members can make a free call to the office or home which saves the     cost of international roaming.


    • The introduction of SkyATA