PCI-E FXS Card, 4 port FXS Skype gateway which saves fee

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    Affordable PCI-E card FXS Skype gateway

    Key Features

    Important features:
    •  Employees out of office can call back office via Skype to reduce high international roaming fee of mobile phone
    •  International calls at remote office country can be achieved at low cost via such an intra-office communication platform  
    •  Most suitable for free company intranet voice communication, 800 service call, B2C/ B2B voice communication 
    • Make Skype calls through existing office extension phones, no need of microphones, speakers and Skype for every employee’s PC. Or make Skype calls via analog phones or cordless phones 
    • Support DID(Direct Inward Dial): After DID integrates with SkypeIn service, Skype or SkypeIn incoming calls can be forwarded directly to one office extension for customer support like 800 service call 
    • DOD(Direct Outward Dial): With the DOD feature, employees just get one PBX trunking line and the call will be directed to their foreign factory or branch office through Skype or SkypeOut. 
    • Support Skype call in for Skype/skypeOut call out(Need to enable)
    • Support Skype fair usage policy
    • One PCI-E card supports four independent Skype calls concurrently 
    • Support 4 FXS ports for Skype application. One PC can run up to 4 pcs PCI-E cards(16 ports)
    • Skype speed up button to accelerate Skype login and Skype call connection
    • Set system default "Don’t allow Skype file transfer" and "Set not to be Skype’s super node"
    • Skype calling out control with/without account and password verify 
    • One unique corporate Skype account/SkypeIn™ number 
    • Support Speed Dial(up to 20 digits) or SkypeOut™ calls 
    • Receive a Skype call in the way as you do with your office extension phones
    • Cheese Button: Need to find your colleague? All you need to remember now is his/her extension number. Ex. Dial speed dial( like extension “168”) no matter he/she is in office or not. If the voice quality is bad or there is no answer, then press “#?” keys(Cheese Button) before hanging up  to dial his/her preset alternative connections (Home, remote office, SkypeOut,…,etc.) without dialing or memorizing lengthy phone numbers
    • Support international busy tone
    • Simple web management
    • Ease of use and user friendly interface
    • Support CDR (Call Detail Record) for view and back up
    • Support public and private phonebook
    • Support phonebook and user information back up
    • System utilization and occupied line statistics for each port 
    • Low SkypeOut credit alert via SMS for MIS
    • Advanced management messages like HW/SW error, Skype/SkypeOut status & call connection status
    • System default speed dial number “999999” for Skype testing account Echo123 to test whether SkyGW4C-S is functional properly or not
    • Default speed dial number “999998” to record company welcome IVR 
    • Auto-allow Skype contact authorize inquiry
    • All system applied Skype accounts send out contact authorize request toward Skype contacts in public and private phonebook to increase successful dialing rate of Skype calls
    • Prevent denial of service attack, SkypeOut call limit time frame and Black/White list
    • Support popular PBXs

    Payment Details

    • Payment Terms:TT
    • Minimum Order:1 Piece(s)