PCI-E FXS Card, 4 port FXS Skype gateway

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    High C/P PCI-E card FXS Skype gateway

    Key Features


    n   Employees out of office can call back office via Skype to reduce high international roaming fee of mobile phone

    n   International calls at remote office country can be achieved at low cost via such an intra-office communication platform 

    n   Most suitable for free company intranet voice communication, 800 service call, B2C/ B2B voice communication

    n   Make Skype calls through existing office extension phones, no need of microphones, speakers and Skype for every employee’s PC. Or make Skype calls via analog phones or cordless phones

    n   Support DID(Direct Inward Dial): After DID integrates with SkypeIn service, Skype or SkypeIn incoming calls can be forwarded directly to one office extension for customer support like 800 service call

    n   DOD(Direct Outward Dial): With the DOD feature, employees just get one PBX trunking line and the call will be directed to their foreign factory or branch office through Skype or SkypeOut.

    n   Support Skype call in for Skype/skypeOut call out(Need to enable)

    n   Support Skype fair usage policy

    n   One PCI-E card supports four independent Skype calls concurrently

    n   Support 4 FXS ports for Skype application. One PC can run up to 4 pcs PCI-E cards(16 ports)

    n   Skype speed up button to accelerate Skype login and Skype call connection

    n   Set system default "Don’t allow Skype file transfer" and "Set not to be Skype’s super node"

    n   Skype calling out control with/without account and password verify 

    n   One unique corporate Skype account/SkypeIn number

    n   Support Speed Dial(up to 20 digits) or SkypeOut calls

    n   Receive a Skype call in the way as you do with your office extension phones

    n   Cheese Button: Need to find your colleague? All you need to remember now is his/her extension number. Ex. Dial speed dial( like extension “168”) no matter he/she is in office or not. If the voice quality is bad or there is no answer, then press “#?” keys(Cheese Button) before hanging up  to dial his/her preset alternative connections (Home, remote office, SkypeOut,…,etc.) without dialing or memorizing lengthy phone numbers

    n   Support international busy tone

    n   Simple web management

    n   Ease of use and user friendly interface

    n   Support CDR (Call Detail Record) for view and back up

    n   Support public and private phonebook

    n   Support phonebook and user information back up

    n   System utilization and occupied line statistics for each port

    n   Low SkypeOut credit alert via SMS for MIS

    n   Advanced management messages like HW/SW error, Skype/SkypeOut status & call connection status

    n   System default speed dial number “999999” for Skype testing account Echo123 to test whether SkyGW4C-S is functional properly or not

    n   Default speed dial number “999998” to record company welcome IVR

    n   Auto-allow Skype contact authorize inquiry

    n   All system applied Skype accounts send out contact authorize request toward Skype contacts in public and private phonebook to increase successful dialing rate of Skype calls

    n   Prevent denial of service attack, SkypeOut call limit time frame and Black/White list

    n   Support popular PBXs


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    Argentina ,Australia ,Austria ,Brazil ,Canada ,Chile ,Colombia ,Costa Rica ,Denmark ,Dominican Republic ,Egypt ,Finland ,France ,France, Metropolitan ,Germany ,Greece ,Hong Kong ,Iceland ,India ,Indonesia ,Iran ,Ireland ,Israel ,Italy ,Japan ,Jordan ,Kenya ,Korea, North Korea ,Macau ,Mainland China ,Malaysia ,Mexico ,Myanmar ,Netherlands ,New Zealand ,Norway ,Philippines ,Portugal ,Puerto Rico ,Saudi Arabia ,Singapore ,South Africa ,Spain ,Sweden ,Switzerland ,Taiwan ,Thailand ,Turkey ,United Arab Emirates ,United Kingdom ,United States ,Viet Nam

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