M-office - Skype forward box for mobile employees or new offices

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    M-office saves communication cost for for new office or mobile employees

    Key Features

     Perfectly integrate landline, Skype and mobile phone calls
     Support Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP SP3 and latest Skype version 7.40
     Forward incoming landline( or PBX) or Skype calls to mobile Skype or mobile 
        phone via SkypeOut if the mobile Skype is offline at Forward mode
     With M-office connecting with remote or mobile employee’s extension line, colleagues just call the employee’s extension number to save expensive mobile fee and make communication easy. Or After M-office is connecting with PBX analog extension line, employees can dial the extension and make any Skype or SkypeOut calls.
     Support Skype message for DTMF dialing to resolve Skype's failure of sending DTMF tones or lack of Skype dial pad for Skype to Skype calls     New!
     Assigned incoming Skype calls can be forwarded to any Skype/SkypeOut call or forwarded to any landline call(Avoid callee’s reluctance to take your SkypeOut calls with unfamiliar caller ID) with password protection
     Incoming landline calls can be forwarded to any Skype/SkypeOut call with password protection
     Under PBX mode, extension table and customized IVRs are supported for basic PBX application. Employees can pick up office calls via mobile phones
     Replacement of SkypeIn for free service call. Very useful for areas without SkypeIn service
     Automatically set Skype various status to match office operation hours
     Skype recovery button to resolve Skype login, slow call connecting and other Skype calling problems
     Support Skype recording(Only for Win XP or serer 2003 or Skype
     Support Skype speed dial and speed dial list can be exported for back up and imported for use
     Make landline calls to M-office for free Skype echo123 voice test via speed dial 999 to check M-office working status
     Support e-mail and mobile phone number registered Skype accounts  login and forward setting
     Support software online upgrade and latest software version check/ download