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    Free landline calls forwarded to mobile phone Skype

    Key Features

         Skype is worldwide recognized as the best audio quality free internet phone solution and M-office perfectly integrates landline、Skype and mobile phone for mobile communication. M-office can enhance employee’s mobile communication and save phone bill for companies.
    With M-office set at Forward mode, employees can forward their office calls (support PBX analog extension line or carrier landline) to mobile phone Skype or mobile phones via SkypeOut When they are out of office. This device can reduce disrupting your colleagues when you can’t pick up your calls. After M-office is connecting with your office extension line, colleagues just call your extension number to reach you and save expensive mobile fee. 
         When you travel abroad, you can call back your office extension via free Skype calls and use office landline to contact customers to reduce expensive international call fee and avoid callee’s reluctance to take your SkypeOut call due to lack of caller ID. When you are out of office with bad internet connection, you can call back office extension through landline calls and then make Skype/SkypeOut calls for foreign customers. It is like Skype To Go service, but with more flexibility.
         M-office can also serve as a new generation PBX system. When this device is set at PBX mode, any incoming landline or Skype call can be answered by the device’s automatic answering system (AA) and the incoming call will be forwarded to the assigned Skype account or SkypeOut number based on the caller’s dialing extension number and the extension table setting. No matter where the employees are, they can pick up office incoming calls via mobile phone Skype or mobile phones via SkypeOut. It is very convenient and cost saving for companies with lots of mobile workers. M-office can be run at PBX mode during office hours and automatically switches to Forward mode after office hours.
    No matter M-office is set at Forward or PBX mode, M-office can also be used as a Skype gateway for employees to make Skype or SkypeOut calls easily. With M-office connecting with some PBX analog extension line, employees can dial that extension line for any Skype or SkypeOut calls. Company can also allow some employees to call M-office Skype account and then make any Skype/SkypeOut call or landline call when these employees are out of office. It can save lots of phone bill.

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    • Regintech M-office - Skype/PSTN forward box introduction

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