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M-office - Landline to Skype call forward box ----- Must-have phone secretary for frequent travelers

Key Features

Make mobile communication free and easy!
M-office is a USB FXO Skype gateway device. When the device is set at forward mode, it can forward incoming landline calls to your mobile phone Skype or your mobile number via SkypeOut. User can call M-office connecting Skype account and then make any landline calls via M-office connecting landline when you are abroad. It saves you international calling fee and the callees get your landline caller ID and can return your call if they can’t pick your call in time. 

Replacement of traditional PBX! 
For PBX mode, M-office serves as a virtual PBX. Whenever there is a landline incoming call, M-office’s IVR guides callers to dial an extension number and every extension number will be forwarded to one corresponding Skype account. M-office is very suitable for mobile workers or a small office with mobile workers.

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  • Regintech M-office Skype/PSTN forward box introduction

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