LineBox - LINE Gateway with PSTN support for PBX and Phone

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LineBox - LINE/PSTN dual mode LINE gateway for office or home

Key Features

     LINE has been a popular internet soft phone worldwide. In the internet age, voice and video communication can be free. With LINE gateway installation at office or home, employees, customers or family members can make free LINE calls to contact office or home when they are not office or home. There won’t be expensive international roaming fee when employees are on a travel. Restaurants, hotels, chain stores, super markets, elder care-centers, communities, education organization, government organization, … can install LINE gateway to provide free voice or video service calls for their customers or members. Then more business opportunities will be created.

   LineBox is a USB box designed for LINE gateway application with landline interface. With LineBox running under Windows version LINE, you can have LINE voice service via phone. After LineBox is connected with PBX, conference phone or regular phone, employees can pick up desk phones to make or receive LINE calls. For companies using LINE to interact with its fans, fans can make free calls to companies via company LINE account. It is convenient and companies can have a close relationship with their fans at a very cheap cost. Employees out of office, company customers and suppliers can have a free call to company office. Hence company can consider to reduce telecom carrier line number. LineBox has dual interfaces “Phone” for phone and “ Line” for carrier line. For offices with less PBX trunk cards, they can adopt LineBox and the connecting PBX trunk port can have landline and LINE calls.

      LineBox supports LINE or landline interrupt call when there is a call in progress.  User can press phone keys “*1” to switch between a landline call and a LINE call and hang up the current call by pressing phone key “*”. User also can add an interrupt LINE call or an interrupt landline call into a LINE & landline 3 way conference by pressing phone keys “*2”.

     User can set speed dial number for LINE friends from LineBox Speed Dial setting page. Speed dial number can be set up to 12 digits 0~9 Arabic numerals. Speed dial list can be exported for back up and imported for use later.

    LineBox’s IM mode can support other soft phones(like Team, Lync/Skype for business, Google voice/hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, Skype, …) as an audio device. User can make/receive IM calls from PC and then pick up the LineBox connecting phone for conversation. Under IM mode, if LineBox connects with traditional analog conference phone, the conference phone becomes a soft phone conference device with much enhancement of  voice quality.

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  • Regintech LineBox LINE/PSTN gateway introduction

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