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Regintech comes out LINE gateway products

HOTRegintech focused on Skype gateway product development and promotion in the past 10 years. Recently some customers asked us to develop LINE gateway products and we decided to come out a series of LINE gateway product during our company’s 10th anniversary. We have SkyATA an...

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Regintech released important update v5.0.0.13 for SkyGW4C-S and SkyGWO

NEWRegintech released important update v5.0.0.13 for enterprise Skype gateway products SkyGW4C-S and SkyGWO. User can get the update from “ Check for latest update” of SkyGW4C-S or SkyGWO system tray icon or our web site https://www.r..

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Regintech M-office - Skype/PSTN forward box YouTube introduction

NEWM-office---Free landline & Skype forward box Must-have phone secretary for frequent travelers   Still paying mobile phone forwarding fee to your carrier? Now you get a better..

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Regintech SkyBox S1 Skype/PSTN gateway Youtube introduction

NEWSkyBox S1, an USB Skype/PSTN gateway, is the advanced version of SkyATA. With SkyBox S1, you can use desk phone to make and receive Skype and landline calls. You won't need another phone for Skype calls! Regintech's Skype gateway products have been in the market..

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SkyATA, SkyBox S1 latest software supports incoming Skype callers extension dial and more functions for Speed dial 

NEWSkyATA and SkyBox S1 latest software release can support incoming Skype callers extension number dial for PBX application. Besides, this version enhances speed dial function. It adds “Add new contact”、”Delete contacts” and set contacts displayed in a sequential..

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Regintech's first Youtube to introduce Skype gateway product - SkyATA

NEWRegintech’s Skype gateway products have been in the market for over 10 years. However, there are still lots of people not informed how to make or receive Skype calls via phone. Skype Worldwide Go program or SkypeOut credits can help company or individuals save exp..

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Regintech SkyGW4C-S and SkyGWO v5.0.0.10 can support incoming Skype callers to dial PBX extension

NEWThere is no dial pad during a Skype to Skype call. Regintech uses Skype chat message to detect caller’s extension dial number. This feature will provide a easy and free way for enterprise ‘s customers, providers or employers out of office to call to office for free and con...

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Regintech starts to support Lync 2010 and 2013 with FXS USB dongle Lync-ATA

NEWRegintech will start to support Microsoft's enterprise office communication tool Lync 2010 and 2013 recently. With Lync-ATA plus Lync 2010 or 2013 client installation, employees can connect Lync-ATA with an analog phone and make/receive Lync calls via the phone. Lync-ATA p...

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Many Skype users can't login version 7.40 or 7.41

If users of our Skype gateway products like SkyGW4C-S/SkyGWO/SkyATA/Sky911/SkyBox S1 have any problem on Skype 8 upgrade support, please conact Henry Chou of Regin Technology. Henry can be reached via office number 886-3-5735360 or mobile 886-936071552, Skype account: regi...

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Regintech Skype gateway SkyATA, SkyBox S1 and Sky911 Usage Scenario setting

Microsoft doesn't provide developer's API for Skype 8.x. We use two usage scenario settings to prevent possible user interference of Skype calling status window to affect our gateway's decisions of call existence. The interference includes closing or hiding Skype call stat...

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Online upgrade software v3.0.0.7 supporting Skype 8 for SkyATA, Sky911 and SkyBox S1

Regintech updated SkyATA/Sky911/SkyBox S1 software version on 10/31/2018 to support Skype and later versions. Our new release v3.0.0.7 accelerates Skype 8 callout speed and also resolves Skype 7.x speed dial setting missing  problem under Skype 8. Another...

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Regintech starts to support Skype gateway products for Skype 8.x on October 31, 2018

As you might know, Microsoft will stop Skype 7.x service from November 1st this year. After a few months' effort, Regintech started to do online software upgrade of Skype gateway products for Skype or later versions.

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Microsoft/Skype claimed to end Skype 7.x service on November 1st, 2018. Regintech will support all products for Skype 8.x.

This July, Microsoft/Skype claimed to stop Skype 7.x service by September 1st, 2018 , but they later extended Skype 7.x support for an unknown period. This September 28 they formally informed Skype 7.x service will start to end on November 1st, 2018. Regintech will support...

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Regintech will continue to support Skype 8.x for full series of Skype gateway products

Skype announced to stop Skype 7.x support after Sep. 1, 2018 and urged users to upgrade to Skype 8.x. Regintech will release new software for Skype 8.x soon.

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Regintech released Skype gateway software version 22 to resolve dialing PBX extension problems

Skype changed DTMF sending support during a Skype to Skype call and our Skype gateway products SkyGW4C-S and SkyGWO had problems to support PBX extension number dialing for incoming Skype calls. But there is no DTMF sending problem during SkypeOut calls via our Skype gatew...

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Regintech can support 03/01/2017 Skype version force upgrade for its all Skype gateway products Now

Skype stopped Windows Skype 7.16 and earlier versions support from March 1, 2017 and many APIs support were also changed. Now Regintech’s enterprise Skype gateway customers can continue to use existing Skype gateway hardware with software upgrade to enjoy benefits of Skype...

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Regintech Skype gateway products can resolve sudden Skype login and SkypeOut call problems

Regintech Skype gateway products can resolve sudden Skype login and SkypeOut call problems

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Regintech's M-office helps mobile workers to get their home or office calls through mobile Skype or mobile phone via SkypeOut

Regintech's M-office helps mobile workers forward their office calls to their mobile phone Skype or mobile phone via SkypeOut. Besides, PBX mode provides employees with extension numbers, so they can pick up their office calls anywhere via Skype/SkypeOut. Incoming Skype ca...

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Regintech comes out one simple, useful and affordable Skype video conference solution with landline available

Regintech provides a dedicated Skype video conference management software and hardware to enhance your Skype conference experience!

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SkyBox S1 can integrate landline and Skype into one phone

Still using headset for Skype talks? Still suffering echo due to PC speaker? SkyBox S1 combines one phone for Skype and landline calls in offices or at homes. After SkyBox S1 is integrating with office PBX, employees can pick up desk phones to make and receive Skype calls.

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