Which Skype gateway device fits office or home? SkyATA or SkyBox S1?

Regintech SkyBox S1 Skype gateway for office or home application

In the internet ubiquitous age, phone calling can be free or very cheap through soft phone like Skype. With the installation of Skype gateway, you can call back home or office via Skype free calls to save expensive mobile or even mobile roaming fee. Regintech has two single port Skype gateway products SkyATA and SkyBox S1 for home or office. Both devices have FXS interface for phone connection, but SkyBox S1 has extra FXO interface for landline. Both products have common features like speed dial, Cheese Button, ..., etc.

For home application, SkyBox S1 might be a better option since you can make or receive Skype or landline calls through one phone. Anyway you can choose SkyATA if you are a heavy Skype user, so you don’t worry about incoming landline call when you are on a Skype call. And the worldwide smallest USB dongle – SkyATA is suitable for you to carry during a business trip.

For office application, SkyATA is a good option if office has a free trunk line. If there is no spare PBX trunk line, SkyBox S1 can be connected between telecom carrier line and PBX trunk line. And this trunk line can be used for Skype or landline calls. Employees can press pound “#” key from desk phone to switch between Skype and PSTN mode. Either incoming Skype calls or incoming landline calls will ring the phone.

Regintech SkyATA connects with PBX or phone for Skype gateway application

By connecting SkyATA with a cordless phone or a DECT phone, you can make/ receive a Skype call through the handset without having to stay close to your computer. After SkyATA is integrated with office PBX, employees can pick up desktop phone to make Skype/SkypeOut calls without the need to install Skype in personal PC. When employees are out of office or abroad, they can call Skype back office via smart phone to save money.