SkyATA, SkyBox S1 latest software supports incoming Skype callers extension dial and more functions for Speed dial 

Enable "Extension number dialing for Skype incoming calls"

SkyATA and SkyBox S1 latest software release can support incoming Skype callers extension number dial for PBX application. Besides, this version enhances speed dial function. It adds “Add new contact”、”Delete contacts” and set contacts displayed in a sequential order based on Contact, Skype ID or Speed Dial. With the new functions, user can find specific contact more easily. Through “extension dial” function, employees out of office can call back office via Skype at free and talk to colleagues. It saves expensive international roaming or mobile call fee.
Why we ask for software upgrade fee this time is partly because Microsoft Skype 8 doesn't support developers any API and it largely increases our software maintain efforts. Another reason is we hope our customers know they can ask us for help. Most customers don’t ask us for help when they encounter problems to use our Skype gateway due to lack of our contact or discomfort of calling us. Such customers might complain Skype or Skype gateway is not very useful. Through a small support fee, customers know our contact information and are willing to ask us for help when they encounter any problem. Our ultimate goal is to increase customer’s Skype gateway utilization and satisfaction. Most users complain Skype 8 GUI is hard to use than Skype 7, but Skype 8 voice quality is much better compared with Skype 7. Enhanced voice quality is a good benefit for Skype gateway application.

SkyATA Speed dial page

We also support SkyATA’s OEM models USB Dongle, Skypekey, SkyTrunk AND Skybox S1’s OEM models USBAdapter, SkyPeBX, ST-1002. If customers with above products want to have software upgrade for Skype 8, please contact Henry of Regin Technology Corp. LTD.. His contact information is: Office 886-3-5735360 mobile 886-936071552, Skype account:, Email: Thanks a lot!