Regintech released Skype gateway software version 22 to resolve dialing PBX extension problems

Skype callers can send Skype messages for PBX extension dialing via Regintech Skype gateway

Skype changed DTMF sending support during a Skype to Skype call and our Skype gateway products SkyGW4C-S and SkyGWO had problems to support PBX extension number dialing for incoming Skype calls. But there is no DTMF sending problem during  SkypeOut calls via our Skype gateway. We spent lots of efforts to resolve this problem. With the new release version 22, now employees just dial extension from their desk phones as they did before to call branch office colleague's extension via Skype gateway.

The new release also resolve non-Skype-gateway caller's failure of accessing PBX extension number because of lacking Skype dial pad or DTMF sending failure when he/she called your company's Skype gateway. Calling to Skype gateway, incoming Skype callers can send Skype chat message like *123 to the calling Skype account for extension number 123. Skype gateway system will also send out Skype chat message to the Skype callers to remind them to send Skype chat message " * + extension number" for the extension.  

Another good thing is offices installing with our single port gateway products like SkyATA or SkyBox S1 can enjoy convenient extension calls with main offices installing SkyGW4C-S or SkyGWO. Main office employees can also make Skype calls to the smaller offices and dial extension from desk phones. Please update SkyATA and SkyBox S1 software to the latest version to enjoy the benefits.   

The new software also improve a lot on software stability and fix some problems. For the major modify list, user can click " Check for latest update” from the gateway system tray icon at the right bottom corner of your Windows desktop. Please download and run it. If you have any problem to use the new software, please don't be hesitated to contact us. Thanks.