Regintech released important update v5.0.0.13 for SkyGW4C-S and SkyGWO

Regintech Skype gateway check for latest update

Regintech released important update v5.0.0.13 for enterprise Skype gateway products SkyGW4C-S and SkyGWO. User can get the update from “ Check for latest update” of SkyGW4C-S or SkyGWO system tray icon or our web site Don’t need to uninstall the existing software, just do overwrite-update with the download setup file.

Regintech Skype gateway "Skype auto login after incident logout" setting

Below are major changes for this release.

1. If some Skype accounts of SkyGW4C-S(or SkyGWO) were logged out for unknown   
    reasons, user can enable function "Skype auto login after incident log out" under 
    SkyGW4C-S(or SkyGWO) tray icon Option General page to resolve this problem. This 
    setting should be only enabled when user suffers this problem since enabling this function 
    will consume more CPU power.
2. Prevent possible pop out message "Internet time is not accessible, ...." and suggestion to 
    Retry problem when SkyGW4C-S(or SkyGWO) restarts.
3. Resolve problems of making SkypeOut calls after dialing an incorrect SkypeOut number.
4. Improve possible Skype accounts login problem during SkyGW4C-S(or SkyGWO)     
    launch process.
5. Resolve some Skype accounts display incorrect SkypeOut credits problem in SkyGW4C- 
    S(or SkyGWO) tray icon " Status".
6. This version doesn't support Skype call in for Skype callout function.