Regintech LineATA & LineBox LINE gateway introduction YouTube

LineATA LINE gateway introduction YouTube

LINE has been a popular free soft phone platform.

If office communication system is integrated with LINE gateway, employees can easily pick up desk phones for incoming LINE calls or LINE outgoing calls.

Reduce office telecom carrier lines occupation and save expensive phone call bill when employees are travelling.

People are used to LINE talks via mobile phone.
Now you can use regular phones for LINE talks!!!

LineBox LINE/PSTN LINE gateway introduction YouTube

LineBox can bring five key benefits for enterprises and three benefits for home. 

1. After LineBox is integrated with office PBX, employees can make 
    or receive LINE calls via desk phones. Company suppliers, 
    customers and product fans can have a free call to office via 
    company LINE accounts.
    Even when business grows up, telecom carrier lines are not easily 
    fully occupied.
2. “When phone is off-hook, call LINE” function, known as DOD,  
    can establish a dedicated telephone line between two offices.
3. “Forward to fixed PBX Ext. for incoming LINE calls” function, 
    known as DID, can forward incoming LINE calls to an assigned 
    PBX extension. It can replace 0800 free customer service call.
4. LineBox can support PSTN or LINE interrupt call. 
    When there is a LINE call in progress and there is a landline 
    interrupt call, you can press “*1” keys to pick up the interrupt 
    landline call and the existing LINE call will be held. 
    You can press “*1” keys to switch between both calls.
    Or you can choose to press “*2” keys to form a PSTN and LINE 
    three way talk.
5. LineBox can turn existing conference phone to any internet 
    conference phone with a big voice enhancement.