Online upgrade software v3.0.0.7 supporting Skype 8 for SkyATA, Sky911 and SkyBox S1

Regintech SkyATA Skype gateway for soho office or enterprise

Regintech updated SkyATA/Sky911/SkyBox S1 software version on 10/31/2018 to support Skype and later versions. Our new release v3.0.0.7 accelerates Skype 8 callout speed and also resolves Skype 7.x speed dial setting missing  problem under Skype 8. Another benefit for users with the the new functions is users can pick up the interrupt landline (or Skype call) during a call or add the interrupt call into a three way conference call with the current call (a landline and Skype conference). With this feature, communication will be more efficient and convenient. Most related product documents are updated on our web download site now.

Microsoft/Skype announced Skype 7 will stop service after 11/01/2018. Although Skype 7 might still be able to login and use today, but the chat message delay and call problem between Skype 7 and Skype 8 has made Skype 7 difficult to use. We suggested SkyATA/Sky911/SkyBox S1 users to do upgrade for Skype 8 soon. Skype 8 doesn't have any API support for developers and that's why we set this release as a paid version. But we provided one year software guarantee and technical support to make users have better experience with Skype 8. Furthermore, Skype 8 has a better voice quality, free audio/video recording and easier file share compared with Skype 7. 

Regintech SkyBox S1 Landline/Skype gateway for soho office or enterprise

SkyATA series products (USB Dongle, SkypeKey and SkyTrunk) and Sky911 series products (USBAdapter, SkyPeBX and ST-1002) can be switched to SkyATA and SkyBox S1 for our long term support. User can either consult with your reseller or Henry of Regin Technology for help by 886-3-5735630 or mobile 886-936071552, Email:, Skype account: Thanks a lot.