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Regintech SkypeConf - Skype video conference box
SkyBox S1 - USB Skype/VoIP adapter with landline support
SkyATA - Worldwide smallest FXS USB Dongle for Skype/VoIP
Regintech 4FXS Skype gateway application



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Regintech’s mission is to provide affordable and user friendly Skype and VoIP gateway solutions for personals and enterprises with our own USB controller IC, hardware and software team.

In the internet ubiquitous age, communication is almost free and Skype is the most trustable tool for audio/video calls worldwide. We have a series of VoIP adapters, DECT phones, FXS/FXO PCI-E gateway solutions for Skype and possibly for other softphone. For example, one USA customer came out GVmate adapter for Google Hangouts using our SkyATA hardware. We can develop software to support various VoIP or softphone solutions and provide USB FXS or FXO dongle software SDK. VoIP OEM or ODM is welcome.

Our Skype gateway has been adopted in some multi-national enterprises for over seven years. With our own USB audio IC FUP1 and hardware/software team, we developed PCI-E FXS and FXO cards for Windows platform to help companies come out high C/P ratio Skype gateway solutions. It is the most competitive Skype gateway solution worldwide and can save lots of phone billing expense for enterprises.

We are confident that we can be your best VoIM partners. We position ourselves as an IC and solution provider. Welcome your visit our web site http://www.regintech.com.tw and don't be hesitated to contact us if you have any question. Thanks.


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